Easy Meditation For Mothers

Being a mother is said to be one of the most invaluable and rewarding gifts a woman can experience. Bringing a child into the world under your love and care is a gift above any other – but it comes with its challenges.

Caring for a child, with or without a partner, can lead to sacrificing sleep, diet, work, romance and more. Some mothers may seem like machines how they power through life with everything under control.

This article is for the overwhelmed mothers out there that need to find peace in their busy day. 

There is always time to meditate meditation for mothers time

Parenting a young one tends to really bulk up your day. Even getting your child to put their clothes on could take up most of your morning preparation! You may be thinking ‘How could I possibly find time to meditate?’. Well believe me – it’s there. For years, you have been brushing your teeth without even thinking about it. In the same way, you’ll be able to find a spare 10-20 minutes alone time in your day.

Too tired or stressed?

One of the best times to meditate is when you are tired. You will be at your most relaxed and your mind should be at it’s calmest. Meditation has been proven to help you sleep. Letting you rest in a deeper state. Some types of guided meditation can even help you boost your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Children won’t give you time to meditate? meditation for mothers

It can be especially difficult to meditate when you’re so preoccupied with caring for your young ones. The best way to give yourself time to meditate is to have a friend look after your child or children for an hour or so. If they need some time to then you could return the favour a couple of days later!

If your children are over the age of 6, you could even teach them the benefits of meditation. Explain how it’s affected you positively and why it’s important for you. They may even want to try it themselves! The most important part of this is their understanding. If you’re able to get your daily meditation then you’ll be calmer and have a happier household.

If you’re thinking about starting meditation but need a gentle push – check out our meditation guide!

Beginners Guide to Meditation with INFOGRAPHIC

Care for yourself!

You dedicate your days to making sure your kids come first. You can relax when you’ve done all you can for your children. This should still stick – but just know, if you don’t reward yourself, you could burn yourself out and lose touch with who you are.

You are not just a mother. 

A glass of wine, snacks and your favourite TV show are all common and great ways to end the day. It’s that little bit of ‘me’ time some of us wake up thinking about. Consider giving yourself 10 minutes to sit quietly instead. Simply close your eyes and reflect positively.

This 10-minute video of guided meditation for mothers may help those who need a push.

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