2 Essential Apps For Instant Sleep!

The importance of sleep is often overlooked. Much evidence shows that lack of quality sleep can have a negative effect on emotional well-being and physical health.

Sleep deficiency, whether you notice it or not, can really alter how you make decisions and live your life. Studies show that little sleep can be linked to depression, risk-taking behaviour, lack of attention and even suicide.

With the ever-growing advancements of technology, it’s getting harder and harder for us humans to get some time away from a screen.

If you’re anything like me, staying up late isn’t a problem but getting out of bed in the morning may be an issue.

Here are 5 tips to take on board when preparing for a well-deserved snooze!

  1. Try to leave a 2-hour gap between your last meal and the time you clock out for the night.
  2. Our minds can sometimes feel more busy than ever when we’re trying to get some shut-eye. Try to relax by doing some simple breathing exercises, meditation or even yoga!
  3. Taper away from technology about 30 minutes before you sleep. I’m especially referring to TV or games – where your brain is constantly analysing.
  4. Caffeine is your enemy! I love a nice hot coffee or tea but these are best left for your waking hours. Try sipping some warm lemon water instead – you’ll be surprised at the results!
  5. The 4-7-8 technique! We highlighted this in our blog post: 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Stress. This breathing technique is proven to deliver more oxygen to the parasympathetic nervous system and will have you falling asleep in no time!

Now – The reason you’re here!

These two apps are perfect for those who are looking to find a new way to get a more fulfilling sleep.

Check them out and let us know what you think of them by commenting below!

Rain, Rain Sleep Sounds rain rain sleep app

This app is at the top of my list when it comes to user interface and simplicity. The app is beautifully designed, with it’s Apple-like scrolling visuals and sleek text.

Within ‘Rain, Rain Sleep Sounds’ you have instant access to 26 different sounds that you can customise to last anywhere between 15 minutes and 25 hours! 

The sounds come in sound packs such as Rain, Thunderstorms, Water, Nature, Transportation & Appliances.

You can buy extra sound packs by scrolling to the bottom of the main page and selecting any of the following: Sounds of Summer, Weather Sounds Pack, Nature Sounds Pack & Memories of Home. Once you’ve purchased a sound pack, you’ll no longer see any adverts in the app. To be honest, it’s so relaxing you’ll barely notice them anyway. However, they’re reasonably priced and will offer you more content and a better sense of immersion.

This app is also able to function when you have exited it. You can play a relaxing game or flick through some photos while the sounds are still massaging your ears!

This must-have feature can often be disregarded – I’m looking at you, YouTube. 

This feature enables you to play music while also listening to the app! It works best by adjusting the volume of your music first then adding sounds over the top. Classical and jazz music go great with this app!

There’s a nice little addition to this app where you can set the screen to pulsate any and all of 6 different colours. While controlling this feature, you can also change your phone’s brightness without having to use any tools outside of the app!

Get this app FREE for Apple and Andriod.

Good Mornings desctop_pic

Good Mornings by Apalon is an innovative app that finds the optimal time to wake you up based on your state of sleep. Every morning, the app will give you a record of the quality of last night’s sleep in an easy-to-read graph. You’ll be able to see when you were awake, in a light sleep and in a deep sleep.

Simply set a time that you want to wake up and the app will slowly ease you out of sleep over the course of 30 minutes; ensuring that you aren’t abruptly awoken like most alarm clocks.

You can choose from 5 different tracks to wake up to or simply select any songs from your music library!

The app will deliver weekly statistics to you about your sleeping patterns. This is a really handy feature as it will visually explain how you can improve your sleeping habits. It displays your hours slept, sleep quality and most importantly sleep debt.

You can drop the adverts for £1.99!

Get this app FREE for Apple.

Do you use either of these apps?
What techniques help you rest easy at night? 

Comment below to let us know!


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