The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts of a Yoga Class

Welcome to The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts of a Yoga Class!

We cover what you need to know about yoga etiquette for yoga classes in today’s blog post!

Are you a yoga newbie thinking about going to your first class?

Or are you unsure about the general behaviour expected from a yoga teacher?

This blog will inform you of what’s expected of you when you walk through those doors into your yoga class!

Any questions? Leave them in the comment section below!


  • Arrive early. Getting there 10 minutes early so you can settle in, clear your mind and align with the attitude needed for your class. Maybe even stretch a little to warm up!
  • Keep a window open to let in light and fresh air.
  • Wear comfortable clothing! Most yogis will wear very loose fitting garments. Others may wear skin tight clothing. The main goal is to be comfortable in clothing that doesn’t limit your movements.
  • Be quiet. It makes for a better environment when the class is peacefully sedate.
  • Bring a towel. It’ll help soak up the sweat and reduce odor. If the mat doesn’t belong to you, it may be deemed unhygienic if you’re getting it sweaty.
  • Take time after your class to reflect on what you achieved. Is there anything you could do to reach the next level?


  • Refrain from practicing yoga when you’re ill or suffering from an injury. You’ll either damage yourself further or cause someone else to become sick.
  • Try not to use powerful cologne or perfume. The scent can be overpowering for others attending the class. A simple deodorant before and after the class will suffice.
  • Don’t take your mobile phone to yoga. At the very least put silent mode on. No one in your class wants to hear your notifications pinging off when they are paying for their lesson. Yoga is about connecting with yourself and the ground beneath you. Minimal distractions are a must.
  • Don’t eat before you practice! A full stomach could lead to cramps, nausea or even vomiting.
  • Don’t walk in late or leave early. It’s disrespectful to the teacher and the class. On days that you’re pushed for time – maybe just practice solo.

Acceptable in a Yoga Class

  • Closing your eyes: You may find it helps with relaxing or concentrating. The yoga teacher won’t mind – what matters is that you benefit from the class!
  • Losing balance: Don’t worry about falling out of a pose! Everyone is there to learn and improve. Don’t let falling over phase your motivation – if anything it should make you more determined to get better!
  • Loud breathing: Yoga focuses heavily on breathing. Don’t make any attempt to annoy a class with your breathing techniques but don’t worry if your’s happens to be audible.
  • Taking a break: Sometimes yoga can wear us out and we need a breather. Take a seat on your mat. Refrain from leaving your spot as it may distract others around you.
  • Passing wind: Farting in public can be mortifying. Understand that yoga can sometimes cause you to let one slip, but don’t be too embarrassed. It happens to everyone! Try not to make a habit of it but don’t fret if it ever happens, you are human and it’s natural!

That concludes our do’s and don’ts of a yoga class!

Do you think we missed any?
What have you learned from practicing yoga in a class? 

Comment below and we’ll include your suggestion!

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